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"Ask Professor Wordsmith" is a screenwriting blog that offers tips to assist you in your screenwriting career.  You can also ask questions about the film industry, or share a comment.

Does Correct Screenplay Format REALLY Matter?

by John Madormo on 07/30/18

One of the things I do at Professor Wordsmith is to correct script formatting errors on writers' scripts.  Many writers don't realize just how important screenplay formatting is.  Let me assure you: it is very important.  A script filled with formatting errors is like driving on a road with a speed bump every twenty yards.  For the reader, it is a constant stopping and starting.  Not only does your story suffer, but it can be extremely irritating for the agent, manager, studio reader, or contest judge.  This article by Ken Miyamoto on the website further emphasizes just how critical correct formatting really is.

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